Gear Heads

So what's in a pick?
Picks are curious little implements. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and thicknesses 

 and some that are well... People will tell you to hold a pick this way or that only advice is to hold the pick in a way that is comfortable for you. I personally like the thumb and forefinger.
Using all the sides of the pick will give you more range of dynamics. For instance using the more sharp angle gives you some very definite english like for ringing a note. The more rounded side can give you a more subtle
attack. I like using the back side for pick slides, it lets me use the pick a little longer before discarding it...usually at some unsuspecting fan. WHAP!!!

What about the different thicknesses? Pretty simple-the thicker the pick, the more control you have over the string and less resistance to the pick. The thinner, the more give on the pick, less
What is this attack? Well simply put attack is the measure of force applied to the string...the thicker the pick the harder the force, the thinner the pick the softer the force.
Picks also come in all types of grip...some sticky, some knurled, some smooth. Again this comes down to personal preference and how much you sweat during performance.
So in short experiment with the different types, shapes and sizes, grips of picks. The pick you use is an extension of you.