1 2 3
feat. Andrew Glassmacher on Drums
By Scott Bland, Bryan Lilje, Chris McGuire, Amy Ray, Emily Saliers, and Elizabeth Seay
Copyright Wc Music Corp. o/b/o Warner Chappell Music Spain S a, Universal Musica, Inc. o/b/o Universal Music Pub S.L., and Universal Musica, Inc. o/b/o Seda Records Sl
Verse 1
From the bowery to the brimstone, I tried to find your heart
With drugs of initiation, bottom of the barrel that drops
I understand your causes, sympathize the motivation
But all the details of this war are just self-infatuation
1 2 3 Nothings for free
4 5 6 Pick up the sticks and go home
Verse 2
Manic blood runs thick my friend, are you looking for a clean escape
What's left when the locks have all been broken, young children of authority
How long can you be agile, dancing between the alter and the mercy seat
Here's a chance to make a choice, are you aware of the fire beneath your feet
The basement lies within us, the fear comes through the door
There's nothing left between us, the fear becomes a roar
Verse 3
Once that wheel is in motion, don't you lose what you have found
I'm talking about that burning wheel of tongues, everything that makes it go around
We're all born in the devil's scorn, they want to see you die.
Are you true? Everything they say is a lie
(Chorus 2x)
(Verse 3 again)
(Chorus 2x)