Renee Plant

Lead Singer, Acoustic Guitar, Keys, and Composer
Renee' began tickling the ivories at age five being taught by Alice Silverthorn, a well-renowned classical instructor in Ohio. Competing in and playing classical piano in the "Winners Circle" concerts from both the National and Ohio Federation of Music Clubs until high-school graduation. Renee' also picked up a guitar at the age of ten and taught herself “Country Roads” by John Denver, she hasn’t looked back since. 

Renee’s piano prowess earned her scholarships and she attended college as a piano performance major. She began composing on piano and guitar and trying them out in local venues. After college in Oklahoma Renee' headed out west landing in Arizona for a short stint, up to Portland Oregon where she hooked up with local artists and was embraced in the local music scene. Renee' was also a constant at The Women who Rock concert series in Portland, OR area. 

Renee' has now been in the Salt Lake City area, which she calls home. 

Ryan Simon

Drums and Composer
Hi my name is Ryan Simon I play drums and I am the newest addition to The Renee’ Plant Band. I have ventured into so many different genres of rock music from soft to hard, from metal to industrial, from blues to progressive rock and have dabbled in some heavier stuff as well.I was pretty young when Stewart Copeland of the Police caught my ear. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a drummer and have strived to better myself ever since. Work ethic baby!!

Kyle Jon Hunt

Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals and Composer
Adorned with minimal tattoos, piercings and hair but not lacking for want of more Kyle provides the tube overdriven guitar squeals. Once asked what he wanted to do with the rest of his life Kyle responded "This." Kyle is also a rabid fan of Law and Order, all of them. When not surfing the satellite guide for L and O's he might have missed, he likes to channel Jack McCoy's anger through his guitar.

Joseph "The Professor"

Bassist and Composer 
Joseph is quite the accomplished musician and bassist. He's played all over the US with one of his most memorable musical experiences touring with the Santana tribute band, Abraxas. He has been a requested studio musician, and is currently working on his own album along with continuing to write virtually with RPB.