(Freakin' Love You)
© 2023 The Renee Plant Band
Verse 1
As the day starts slow, and you look at me from across the room with a true
I can tell the thoughts running through your mind is a lovely place where I want to be with
a while
Take me away
Fly in the sky
...our love is true
Never goodbye
We cannot deny, our space, to be
You cannot to fly
Verse 2
I know it’s been long since we flew around, will you stand with me as we grab a key to the
While I’
m sometimes scared of what’s left to come, if we hang on tight not afraid to jump in the
air....when it’s time.
(Ooohs, 70’s “Carpenter Style” during solo part)
(Chorus 2x with ooohs underneath)
Adlib with ooohs underneath