1. What We Do


What We Do
© 2023 The Renee Plant Band
Verse 1
Grab your coat girl, it’s cold outside
Where we’re goin’, you decide
Feel the sunshine, on your face
It’s lookin’ good now, it’s all in place
Chorus (ooh’s underneath)
What we do, me and you
We take a chance and, it’s through and through
Memories made, not just one
You can’t deny that we have fun
Verse 2
We’re on the road with the windows down
feel the wind blow, all around
I see the sunset, up ahead
It’s you and me babe just like we said
Life’s too short not to enjoy
All the laughter, not the fear
There’s no room for all that mess
Let them know real loud and clear
Verse 3 (ooh’s underneath)
Here we are in, that open sky
Just take it in as we pass by
Let’s climb those hills to chase our dreams
Even with no, guarantee
(Chorus 2x)